Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment

Project beneficiary
Gdańskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej Sp. z o.o.

Total project value
86 452 785,40

33 710 040,00 PLN

Project goal

  • The improvement of efficiency of heat distribution for communal-residential purposes in Gdańsk.
  • Reduction of so-called “low emission” in the areas where there are concentrations of PM10 that exceed effective limits.
  • The liquidation of coal source at ul. Budowlanych 50 in Gdańsk and replacement of supply provided to recipients using this source by connecting this region to the effective system operating in a technology of highly effective cogeneration.

Planned results

  • Length of constructed heating network: 16,1 km
  • Number of constructed heat centres: 44 pcs.
  • Reduction of primary energy consumption: 143 859,31 GJ/year
  • Annual reduction of greenhouse gas emission: 18 764,02 Mg/CO2/year
  • Reduction of dust emission: 29, 58 Mg/year