GPEC Group, as a capital group, in order to achieve business goals and to ensure the highest standards of provided services, including customer service, jointly setting the goals and means of processing personal data, under Art. 26 of the Regulation of the European Parliament of 27 April 2016 on on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter referred to as GDPR), co-administers the personal data in compliance with the rules described below.

  1. GPEC Group consists of the following Companies:
    • GPEC SP. Z O.O.,
    • GPEC TCZEW SP. Z O.O.,
    • Orchis Energia Sopot Sp. z o.o.,
    • GPEC PRO SP. Z O.O.,
  2. The Leading Company in the Group is GPEC Sp. z o.o, which produces and provides heat and handles the provision of energy-related services. GPEC exercises control over the processes of personal data processing in all Group Companies, identifies the risks of personal data processing and determines the safety standards adequately to them, which standards ensure appropriate protection for all personal data processed in the Group, at the same time securing the funds to implement and maintain them. The Company is in charge of the following processes:
    • supervision over production and transmission of thermal energy – in particular over the thermal infrastructure of the Companies, including management and supervision over concessions,
    • provision of efficiency and continuity of production of coal sources, support for use in handling of the infrastructure 24/7 h,
    • mass customer service in the field of direct, phone and electronic contact, including the support for people reporting failures and other third parties who contact the GPEC Group. Strategic customer service. Pursuing activity in the field of Public Relations of the Companies.
    • provision of marketing services, service of inquiries from the GPEC Group website and product websites, handling of the GPEC Group newsletter,
    • planning and preparation of and supervision over implementation of investments by the Companies, including in the scope of construction and location arrangements,
    • performance of services in the scope of trainings and targeted workshops for Project Managers.
    • services in the scope of monitoring and supervision over the work of measurement and aggregation devices, supervision over the process of legalisation exchanges and assembly of measurement and aggregation devices, support in tasks of maintenance of the source movement and hubs in the scope of el-en and AKPiA (Control and Measurement Instruments and Automation). Implementation and development of telemetric systems.
    • preparation of meetings of the Supervisory Board, Management Board and General Meetings of the Companies, including the drafting of documentation required by the law and its archiving,
    • services in the scope of management of Small Hydro Power Stations.
    • OHS and fire protection,
    • organisation of events, e.g. conference fair.
  3. GPEC System Sp. Sp. z o.o. holds the position of the Shared Services Centre in the GPEC Group, managing the following processes:
    • conducting the so-called soft HR. Performance of responsibilities imposed on the Companies as employers, which result from comprehensive staff service. Performance of responsibilities imposed on the Company as employers, which result from comprehensive payroll service.
    • recruitment,

    • real property management, including guarantee of physical safety and supervision over video monitoring,
    • vehicle fleet management,
    • correspondence management,
    • performance of controlling activities in the Companies, obtaining of funds for the Companies,
    • settlements, invoicing and debt collection,
    • provision of services of comprehensive keeping of books of accounts, registers for tax purposes, submittal of tax returns and fulfilment of other reporting responsibilities,
    • drafting of financial statements and regulatory reporting, tax settlement and tax consultancy, service from banks, tax authorities and certified auditors,
    • procurement and contractor management provided that the performance of respective agreements remains at the discretion of respective Companies,
      service for the people aggrieved as a result of GPEC Group activities,
    • establishment of servitude on real property,
    • provision of appropriate availability and quality of IT support for the Companies’ business processes,
    • provision of safety of the GPEC Group’s ICT infrastructure, including supervision over IT systems and network support,
    • provision of appropriate development and support in the scope of implementation of modern IT solutions,
    • provision of legal support,
    • provision of observance of the environmental protection laws,
    • coordination of projects connected with fund acquisition and settlement,
    • preparation of tariffs, performance of billing processes in proceedings before the President of Energy Regulatory Office or other administrative authorities.
    • strategic financial analysis.
  4. GPEC SERWIS SP. Z O.O. deals with construction, renovations and modernisation of heating installations, water and sewage networks, implementation of heating installations using RES, removal of failures and warehouse management.
  5. GPEC PRO SP. Z O.O. deals with comprehensive energy and energy-related projects. In particular, it focuses on the sale of heat from decentralised sources, up to 5 MW.
  6. GPEC ENERGIA SP. Z O.O. deals with power generation from renewable sources, i.e. small water power plants (SWPP). The company also provides a range of additional services, i.a. consulting in the scope of energy technology, trading in electric power, gas fuel and certificates of origin as well as performs energy audits.
  7. GPEC EKSPERT SP. Z O.O. is dedicated to comprehensive energy and energy-related projects which supplement the product portfolio of other companies in the GPEC Group and to sale of heat from decentralised sources, up to 5 MW.
  8. GPEC TCZEW SP. Z O.O., GPEC STAROGARD SP. Z O.O., GPEC PELPLIN SP. Z O.O., Orchis Energia Sopot Sp. z o.o. all deal with production, transmission and distribution of heat and provision of energy-related services.
  9. Personal data transmission between the individual Companies results from the relation between them in the GPEC Group and the need to centralise the management of specific processes. It does not violate the provisions of law in any way. A detailed scope of co-administration is included in the Matrix of personal data transmission in the GPEC Group, kept by the Data Protection Officer (DPO).
  10. As part of individual personal data processing operations, the Company managing a given process is obliged to fulfil the information obligation towards the Data Subject; it is also responsible for implementation of rights of data subjects.

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